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At its meeting in October, 2014, the Executive Council of ACSUS voted unanimously to move to a 2 calendar-year membership period and to shift to a uniform renewal date of January.  People who purchased memberships in 2019 will be in good standing until the December 31st, 2020.  New members joining in 2020, and those who renew their memberships in 2020, will be members in good standing until the end of December 31st, 2021.   Please note that there is no change in the amount of the membership dues – they remain the same as they have been, but they are no longer payable on an annual basis.  So effectively the cost of ACSUS membership has been cut in half by this decision.  We are able to make this change as a result of the lower costs we incur by moving to electronic distribution of our journal, The American Review of Canadian Studies.  We hope that this will encourage our valued existing members to continue supporting ACSUS, and that it will now be easier for new members – particularly young professional and student members – to enjoy the benefits of membership.

Please fill out all fields as necessary and include the mailing address where you would like to receive ACSUS publications and materials. You can either click the "Continue" button at the bottom or print this form and fax it to ACSUS at 716-645-2166.

Your contact information will be added to the online ACSUS membership database. If you do not want your contact details visible in the online database, please contact

Membership fees are paid in US Dollars.


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